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Main targets of the Hungarian Association of Local Governments are the local and municipal interest’s representation, promotion and protection.


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The Hungarian Association of Local Governments aims to recognize, promote and protect the local government’s interests since 1990, when our organization was decided to establish. MÖSZ takes part in consultation forums on local issues based on the Hungarian rules and we keep open dialogue and exchange of views with our members, mayors, local representatives and our partners on important municipality’ issues. Credibility, capability and professional accuracy are important in our professional conferences, seminars, trainings and meetings and also to give responses linked to the community decision- planned government’s procedure and legislative initiatives, which influence local governments at all.

Our Organization

Our Association’ establishment was decided with 35 Hungarian founding local government’s members on 18 November 1990. Originally it was called Hungarian Association of Local Governments and Local Representatives, which became Hungarian Association of Local Governments (MÖSZ) in 1991 with aim to try to bring together the Hungarian local governments irrespective of their types. Within this spirit, we are working actively with local issues for decades.

Since 1991, Dr. György GÉMESI, mayor of Gödöllő is the president of the MÖSZ. We have a co-president and members of Bureau. Our Association elects its representatives every four years. Our main body is the annually General Assembly of Delegates. We hold Bureau and commission meetings with our members every year as well. We have members Hungarian local levels at all: villages, small settlements, towns, cities and also from the Budapest (capital) districts and counties (territorial governments), who take it important to work in cooperation and make the common municipality’ issues visible responding to the national/governmental concepts. We are working together in order to the local self-government’s protection, as one of the EU fundamental value.

Activities and partnerships

MÖSZ has set up the Hungarian Mayor’s World Meeting in 1996 with aim to organize every second year such kind of multi-day event, where current local issues in the frame of plenary sessions and seminars can be discussed by the Hungarian home and cross-border mayors and local representatives. This contributes also to exchange of views and to learn from each other through best practices and develop partnerships and cooperation in the frame of cultural programmes as well.

We established the Award on Mayor’s Silver Chain in Millennium year. This is the most prestigious domestic recognition and provided for a native and a neighbourhood’ mayor, who have done outstanding work for years. Since 2002, we also grant a Gold Seal Ring to admit the mayor’s professional image.

Our Association intends to extend knowledge on different topics by seminars, conferences, workshops and trainings in order to contribute to more effective work at local level. We established an electronic professional newsletter called “The Hungarian Mayor”, which is publicly available in Hungarian in directly: and also through our website.

The European Union emphasizes the principles of decentralization; subsidiarity and multilevel governance and enhances territorial cooperation involving local and regional governments as well. Our Association works together with the EU institutions, especially with the Committee of the Regions (CoR), where the MÖSZ’ president and some other MÖSZ’ members are members of the CoR; attend CoR meetings and enforce the local and regional interests.

Related to the international partnership, MÖSZ is working in partnership with CLRAE of the Council of Europe (Congress of Local and Regional Authorities) and CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions).

We make our municipal comments; recommendation and needs by respecting and taking into account of the principles and values of the European Charter of Local Self-Government. We also seek to develop our cooperation with non-governmental organizations and associations of local governments of Europe.

Dr. György GÉMESI

- CV Gémesi György  


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